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Here is the weekly chart. Uhwe are able to go throughout the oscillators real swift. 1st. The RSI seems to be great good. That's really, quite disheartening. Each aspect. Uh, for the weekly chart, the Mac D appears pretty bullish. Want a week or two to be somewhat bullish. Nonetheless, it is really a very Bush. Maggie along with also the CMF can be simply sailed over into territory.

So that is additionally invisibly. Therefore everything favoring the dishes , uh, Willie, uh, thought to inform you that on string value, mr favor inside the bowls. Therefore there is another one for you. Uh, we are stuck at the Fibonacci line at 9,770. Now we're there for a 2nd consecutive day, that increases the likelihood of the break out and also more highs ahead.

Uh, the sequential can also be totally bereft. Uh, the single real uh, difficulty with the purchase price graph can be the sitting directly at immunity. You are at Fibonacci immunity at 97 70 and you're in trend line resistance, which is which a few weeks we'll be in 96 70 so that it's in just a hundred dollar range. This is like the final resistance hurdle and fr.

The purchase price of why Bitcoin can ensure it is overhaul this final resistance hurdle that I think that the long run is extremely, very glowing for Bit-coin to really go high. I encircle scalable, uh, is now two weeks away, two weeks off. We will take vegas in a couple of months. Please test out this incredible speaker line up. It only $250.

We've got the lefty, ancient bird specific cost. U M, for you guys, you want to be certain the area is full and we have about 50 seats left, and after that people're, uh, could possibly be near a sell out. Thus 50 chairs left and we all got fourteen days to go. U M, therefore check out that. Needless to say. Therefore we will be back in the Caribbean for, uh, the monetary peak coming to you personally and, uh, Willie is likely to be there of course.

Um, April 19th of 25 after which poly in November one to 7. And comprehending that coin 28 into 31st, uh, the major two days, '' our 29th and 30th 31st can be a open floor for you to, uh, you understand that you possess. Uh, you realize, come to the developers and inquire about any questions you want. And also the 28th can be a beginner afternoon, however, the 29 and 30 is the main two days of the occasion.

Everything right. Daily chart. I believe I've a green above a green , also we'd a green two above a green one. This is just a exact bullish signal. Um, we're on our trail high. I didn't think we'd move this quickly back into 10,000. I presumed it'd require just a bit longer, however we have been at 10,000 as well as the rest of 10,000 sets us up really, really well for a few significant up side down.